Japanese Strong clean-off wet sheet for cooking ovenrange with 15 sheets inside, GEKIOCHI

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◆ Description of item

"Strong clean-off wet sheet for cooking ovenrange with 15 sheets inside"

It is a wet sheet which decomposes oil dirt with two powers of electrolyzed water and alcohol.

Scrape off the oily dirt with microfiber (microfiber) textile cleanly.

No need to wipe twice and no sticky without using detergent.

It is suitable for cleaning in places where you do not want to use detergent.

Keep the kitchen clean.

◆ Size  about 300 × 200 mm

◆ Usage

Gas stove, IH cooking heater, wall around the ovenrange and oil soiling around the kitchen

★note: Stubbornly sticky oil stains will not be clean off.

◆ How to use

* Please be careful to use to confirm in advance that the cleaning surface is not hot.

* Do not use while igniting or cleaning surface is hot as there is a danger of burns.

● Turn the seal of the surface from the arrow (OPEN) place, take out one by one and use it.

● If it gets dirty on one side surface, please turn off a clean surface and wipe again.

* Please be aware that scratches may occur on the cleaning surface if rubbing with hard dust adhered,

such as carbonized dirt.

* Please keep the seal of the surface tightly closed to keep drying of the seat after use.


Water, ethanol, alkaline electrolyzed water disinfectant
Liquid: weakly alkaline


Rayon, polyester, nylon

◆Country of Origin


27 Oct 2017, 00:00



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