How to become seller

Beginner's Guide for Seller on CREPRO.

Are you interested in selling on CREPRO online market place?

You can see and follow selling guide to help you how to do it.

Are you a foreigner living in Japan?

For Japanese seller in case, can you correspondent with overseas buyer in English or other languages to communicate and comply with buyer’s inquiry.

  1. Review our seller’s guide to make sure before you join us. Seller guide
  2. If you agree and want to join, please register on the form with your account.
  3. Make your account(shop) name and profile about you briefly

●Choose what kinds of products on listing and figure out how much to charge for your items. You should calculate costs, fees and your mark-up to set up selling prices.

●You may need to figure out the shipping cost due to weight and size of items, in case of quantity of the items in packing by EMS (Japan Post) or other couriers.

●Fill out your billing information.

Please join and register PayPal (online payment system) PayPal

You may need to enter your credit card information for PayPal, and your bank details.

●After your account(shop) is open, please list items and photos, also describe and explain the items in details and your shop policy , such as refund &exchange, delivery and cancellation etc.

Also, you may need to figure out rough idea for shipping schedule for your listing items.

●If you are looking for any campaign and sales in a period, you should explain what you want to introduce and let buyers understand on your shop.

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