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★1pc price : 800 yen

Chopstick rest (hatching) is a small item to put on the table used to prevent chopsticks rolling down.
It is mainly made of porcelain.
In Japan, it is often used at dining for guests' invitations party, dinner, New Year's Day, and special events.

It is a cute snowman chopstick rest on a red cap hugged for a while.

Just watching! It makes me smile and happy ♪

With Hospitality to show and use chopstick rest at the dinner party for Christmas!!

Size (approx): 3.9 X 2.4 X 1.8 (d) cm
Material: Pottery

* Handmade by craftsmen carefully one by one
Therefore there are some individual differences in the size and weight of the item.

★ In case, you can use it for rest of fork and knife

27 Oct 2017, 00:00



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