Buyer Guide

Buyer Guide

CREPRO is an online shopping market place in which you can purchase products from Japan. Why don’t you try purchasing products on CREPRO now?

  1. Carefully selected item(s):
    You can purchase the item recommended by foreigners living in Japan! (or Japanese who can communicate with you in foreign language)
  2. Safe Payment:
    Simple and safe by direct payment system with seller using PayPal!
  3. How to purchase:
    After registration, put the item(s) into your cart to order. As soon as payment is done, the product will be shipped to your address

Purchase flow:

  1. Select the item(s)
    Choose the item you like from product category (or favorite seller as well).
    Read seller’s item explanation before selecting it.
    Ask any questions you may have to the seller directly.
  2. Register now
    First sign up for membership. It’s free registration!
    You can easily register as a buyer by filling the prepared form.
  3. Place an order
    Put the item(s) you like into your cart.
    Then you just follow instructions to complete your order
  4. Make payment
    You will receive a payment request from seller via email.
    You can easily make your payment by following the instructions provided by PayPal.
  5. Dispatch item
    Seller will dispatch the item(s) after your payment is confirmed.
    After completing dispatching the item, Seller will send you a completion email.
    If the product does not arrive after a certain period of time, please contact Seller directly.
    If you could not contact Seller, please contact us, CREPRO.
  6. Evaluate Seller
    After receiving the item, evaluate Seller from review page.
    Request the item you want by using “Request” button, if you could not find it.

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