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Buyer Guide

CREPRO is an online shopping market place in which you can purchase products from Japan. Why don't you try purchasing products on CREPRO now?

  1. Carefully selected item(s):
    You can purchase the item recommended by foreigners living in Japan! (or Japanese who can communicate with you in foreign language)
  2. Safe Payment:
    Simple and safe by direct payment system with seller using PayPal!
  3. How to purchase:
    After registration, put the item(s) into your cart to order. As soon as payment is done, the product will be shipped to your address

Purchase flow:

  1. Select the item(s)
    Choose the item you like from product category (or favorite seller as well). Read seller’s item explanation before selecting it. Ask any questions you may have to the seller directly.
  2. Register now
    First sign up for membership. It’s free registration! You can easily register as a buyer by filling the prepared form.
  3. Place an order
    Put the item(s) you like into your cart. Then you just follow instructions to complete your order
  4. Make payment
    You will receive a payment request from seller via email. You can easily make your payment by following the instructions provided by PayPal.
  5. Dispatch item
    Seller will dispatch the item(s) after your payment is confirmed. After completing dispatching the item, Seller will send you a completion email. If the product does not arrive after a certain period of time, please contact Seller directly. *If you could not contact Seller, please contact us, CREPRO.
  6. Evaluate Seller
    After receiving the item, evaluate Seller from review page. Request the item you want by using “Request” button, if you could not find it.

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Seller Guide

CREPRO online marketplace is where you can introduce and sell various kinds of Japanese products which is produced by Japanese manufactures (Made in Japan) and the products sold in local stores?gift shops and yen shops etc.

We want to make sure that you have a positive experience on our marketplace (called CREPRO) Please read on to find out more about your rights, as well as what is expected of you, as a seller.

Requirement as Seller on CREPRO

  • You must be a foreign residents (such as married, working, long-term overseas students,) in Japan.
  • In case, if you are a native Japanese and you want to become a seller, you should have an capability of foreign language (at least English) enable to communicate and comply with buyer’s request and inquiry etc.

You must follow and agree the below by selling on CREPRO.

  • To give the correct and honest information in your account shop.
  • To show your items with sufficient information and several photos, such as size, color, materials and manufacture if you know.
  • Do not sell prohibited products as below.

    Copy products(brands), drugs, any kinds of food etc. in details Prohibited items

  • Do not open duplicate account(shop) in order to avoid misunderstanding for buyers.
  • You will be charged with SALES FEE( 13% ) on total amount of sales.
  • You will be charged with payment processing fee to use PayPal(online payment system) 3.9%+40yen per sale.

Now, you may fill out registration form as indicated and PayPal information, too.

Sales flow

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Fees & Payments Policy

Sellers may be charged for using CREPRO market place services. These fees & payments explain your necessary fees, taxes and how to pay them.

Type of fees

  1. On CREPRO, it is all free for the following fees.
    Registration fee, products listing fee and monthly and yearly fee.
  2. Sales fee.
    After each of the item sells and buyer agree to a payment transaction, you will be charged with a sales fee of 13%(including tax) per order and deducted automatically by payment.
  3. Payment processing fee (PayPal system)
    You will be charged payment processing fee to use PayPal (online payment system) with 3.9%+40yen after each of the item sells and buyer agree to a payment transaction.


You are responsible for collecting and paying taxes in association with any sales through CREPRO services.

Please remember that CREPRO’s fees do not include any withholding taxes in your home country. You are required to pay CREPRO the full amount of our fees.

Shipping guide

Sellers should have all responsibility for shipping of their sold items to buyers.
Shipping way (such as EMS) and other courier services are set up by SELLERS.
Shipping fees are calculated by sellers on the base of weight, size and volume of the items.

By selling and buying on CREPRO., you should read rules below carefully.
For small package (not heavy items), we recommend using EMS (JAPAN POST) as it is the most reliable and reasonable shipping cost. You can check rates (freight cost, service for countries, shipping time) for your information.
Click here? http://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/charge/list/ems_all_en.html

  • Seller should specify your shipping costs in separate to selling prices and approx. shipping time in your listing products.
  • Seller should prepare shipment of order items as soon as possible, after your items are sold and received a payment from a buyer. If you delay for preparation of shipping, you should inform the buyer immediately without any troubles.
  • To make sure to ship to the correct address indicated by the buyer to avoid wrong shipment. If the buyer moves the house during order, inform new address immediately to a seller.
  • Comply with international shipping methods and regulations of customs for your check.
  • After shipment done, you should inform tracking number received from the shipping carrier to the buyer, and buyer feel safe.
  • In case of shipping insurance, it should be determined by buyer if they agree for it and then seller can add insurance fee accordingly.

If the seller and buyer agree to change the shipping cost after order due to actual weight, size and in case of freight cost change by courier, buyer can modify the amount as per agreement before payment. Or you may also ask alternative shipping methods to agree.

What will be charged with customs duties and taxes ?

Normally, you can import a certain amount of the goods without paying any customs fees. If order value exceeds a certain amount of limitation, you will be charged with import taxes, customs duties etc. and they are different rates applicable for each country.

What items are prohibited for air shipment?

Please check prohibited items policy in details.

In case of non-delivery packages after shipment , What should I do?

You may check a tracking number of the package from your account. If it has passed certain day (for example 20days, 30days) after shipment date by seller, and you still have not received your package, please contact the seller directly and ask courier company (Japan post, or other)


Secure & Safe Payment Service via PayPal

PayPal is the payment service with which you can safely make or receive payment. It is the world’s largest payment service company with 15 million branches and over 200 million users all over the world.
You can also make or receive credit card payment through PayPal.
Registration (free) is required in order to use our service.

PayPal Benefits (See PayPal homepage for details)

1.Free Registration & Free Usage
Payment processing fee will be charged, but it’s only for sellers.
Buyers can use our system for free.

2.Three easy steps to register.

  • ● Register as a new member
    Click on the registration button. Choose “Personal Account” if you are using our system to make a payment.
  • ● Input your credit card information
    Input your personal and credit card information. You can add or change credit card information anytime.
  • ● E-mail verification system
    After the registration, you will receive a verification e-mail from PayPal.
    The registration will be completed upon the completion of the e-mail verification.

3.Your credit card information is securely protected by PayPal.
We will not inform your credit card information to the seller so you can use our system without any worries.

4.You can earn credit card points
You can also earn credit card points by making credit card payment through PayPal. Buyers can pre-register their shipping address and credit card information so there’s no need to input card information for every payment.

5.PayPal offers Buyer Protection in which you can receive a refund when certain conditions are met, such as when you did not receive the product.
It’s a great reassurance for buyers.

6.PayPal also offers Seller Protection for sellers.

7.You can use different national currencies.



As Japan is a unique society in many way, it certainly does seem a difficult matter to gain the understanding of people from foreign countries. Many Japanese have a weakness of imported products, especially overseas famous brand items. But in Japan there are lots of wonderful and worthwhile products. It seems that foreign people often find value in daily use items. It is CREPRO that people outside Japan can experience the impression that foreigners living in Japan are experiencing through using daily items without visiting Japan. We strongly hope CREPRO wants many foreign people to know and use daily items used in Japan. We would be happy if you could get to know Japan through Japanese products! If any media or advertisement could introduce us, CREPRO marketplace will be recognized by more foreign people.

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