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TENUGUI towel is a cotton plain weave cloth for wiping away the sweat and the water after washing face and hands,
,the body on bath.

Material: Cotton
Size (approx): Vertical 90 × Horizontal 33Both vertical edges are just cutting of fablic without sewing finish.

In daily life in Japan, people mainly use towels or handkerchiefs , but TENUGUI towel is not obsolete

However people use it as field work, traditional entertainment, festival, helmet lining, headband, blindfold, sweat wiping etc,

from time ago.

It is still being used as a cloth width, as a custom from ancient times gifts such as shops
There is not much demand as a souvenir during the event.

Recently it has been reviewed, like wrapping cloth, the number of people used as packaging is increasing.
Therefore, many design TENUGUI towels are sold at small shops and handicraft shops in Japan.
Overseas tourists also buy it for souvenirs.

◆ How to use

It is also used for tourniquets and bandages for the body.
In Japan, we put it as wet towel on forehead to reduce heat from ancient times.

Nowadays, a young lady hangs on a shoulder as a fashion or wraps around her neck like a muffler.
It is becoming popular item to be expressed as own personality.
Also you can use it to wrap a lunch box as Japanese traditional FUROSHIKI(cloth),
and you can decorate and hang on wall in your room as a tapestry interila.

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